Secrets Of Billionaires UNCOVERED
Through PERSONAL Observation

... Why Billionaires Do LESS Than Millionaires And LESS Than Most Everyday People

Hey, Jason Fladlien here, and let me say this: There's nothing special about making a million dollars.

The truth is... it's kind of easy. Millionaires can brute-force their way to a million dollars.

Anyone can do it, if you're willing to work 100 hour weeks, smartly and patiently trying one combination after another on the safe of success.

The Problem That Stops YOU

Even if you DO make a million dollars by sheer force... You can't scale. You can't go from 100 hour weeks to 200 hour weeks and go from a million dollars to a billion. Doesn't work like that.

Even more importantly... This brute-force approach (even if you do it unknowingly, like most people) BLOCKS you from succeeding at all, let alone making $1,000,000.

In other words, if you're not seeing ANY success right now - it's probably NOT the tools, your motivation, or your knowledge, but the brute-force approach you're taking.

The Universally Applicable Lesson
Of The 1% Of The 1%

Would you agree that to get to a billion dollar level... You must do things differently than 99.9% of people? Including millionaires? Of course - that's just simple logic.

Even more importantly... if you want to get to a million dollar level, or even just a $10,000 or $100,000 level without the usual stumbling, 100 hour weeks and all that jazz most people go through, must you do things differently than most people? Of course. Simple logic, again.

So what do you DO?

How do you find that missing ingredient
they know and you don't?

My approach always has been to observe people who have already achieved what I want to achieve. This approach has been proven not only by me but a ton of other successful people.

Which is why I'm 100% certain that the best way to discover that missing ingredient, that simple, yet life-changing difference is to observe billionaires in real life, do business with them, consult them, work in the same room as they do, and then take what they're doing and apply that to your own life and business.

I don't have that kind of experience - not yet, anyway. However, I know someone who has.

Meet Alex Charfen...

Recently, I did something that I never do.

I got up at 4 AM, drove to LAX, flew from LAX down to Austin, then flew back at 7 PM, and landed in LAX at like 11 PM...

... To work and see and interact with Alex face to face.

The most amazing thing was when I came into his office, you could immediately tell that everybody in that office was working towards a common goal, which is to help and augment what Alex does.

The energy, the excitement, the vibe in his office that everbody in that office had was palpable. You just walked through that and you felt better.

Then we went to his office and we whiteboarded. Everything we were able to get done, how we connected professionally and personally - me giving him insights, he giving me insights... It was one of the best days of my life.

So Who IS He?

Swung between the honor roll and complete failure in school, alternatively considered "gifted and talented" or "needing special education", often abused by his peers, he found refuge in building and running businesses. He sold his first business at 16, and then dropped out of college to sell another venture at 21.

As a consultant, he has worked with organizations like Fuji, Samsung, Canon, Home Shopping, Walmart and more. He has spent most of his time working with entrepreneurs at the top of their games, and through important moments of their careers.

During that... He uncovered patterns that consistently moved his clients forward - and that, to his surprise, even most millionaires had no clue about.

What I, Jason Fladlien, knew INSTANTLY...

It's very interesting how I and Alex instantly aligned at so many levels in terms at what he does and the operational excellency he has achieved in his company.

Just like me, he is focused on creating behavioral changes more than anything to get people to operate in more efficient, productive, and better way.

He has it down to a science. For example, if you're not attracting things you want right now, there are 4 things you can do to change that right away.

None Of That Wishy-Washy, Feel-Good 'Self-Help' Stuff...

The fact is I've never seen more of that from anyone anywhere else.

It's not one of those "feel-good" approaches that only feel good when you're consuming the material... but it never results in a profound, material change in your life.

Instead, this is as down-to-earth as it gets. Completely applicable to anyone's situation, no matter what. So... the only thing that made sense was for me to bring this to ALL my customers - immediately.

Alex's Formula Others Pay $50,000 For...

Here's the real meat of the matter - the formula Alex has developed to bring out the best out of everyone, billionaire or not.

When you reduce the pressure and noise in your life AND you increase protection and support, that allows you to strengthen the abilities you already have and allow them to shine through, which lets you to make your greatest contribution. That, in turn, results in great rewards.

The best part about this formula is that if done right, not only it can take a millionaire to a billionaire... it also can take someone who's just looking to make their first dollar online and transform them into a 6 figure or more entrepreneur.

What Makes Me So Sure This Will Work For You?

First of all, there's the fact is that I, myself, have been almost unknowingly used this simple formula for 8 years while building my 8 figure online business.

I DID the exact things Alex recommends without knowing there's a name for them, or a formula. And most successful people I know of do these things, too.

However, the most important thing that makes me beyond SURE this will work for you is it doesn't require you to take action.

It's enough just to listen to the entire concept - it's so powerful, you'll be surprised about how your way of doing things changes for the better and you suddenly start seeing extra free time, money, focus, energy appear in your life.

Which is why I and Alex created...


My personal guarantee to you is this.

Anybody who listens to Go Big - which is almost 2 hours of me grilling Alex for billionaire secrets (and steering him towards explaining how these secrets can be applicable for entrepreneurs) is going to see immediate, positive behavioral change.

Without having to do anything other than listen, you're going to be operating by the next day in a profoundly better way than you ever operated before.

That's my guarantee, and if you don't find that's the case, I want you to hit our support up and ask for your money back. Deal?

Here's what you're going to discover inside...

That's just the first 20 minutes of the recording. Before we continue looking at the product, I want to talk about a very important question, which is...

Is It Possible To See Success Without This?

Yes. Definitely. However, it is most likely that you're going to carve that success by your skin and teeth. And because you're building a house of cards...

... That success will be fleeting, because you won't have the right mindset in place, the right infrastructure in place, the right approach in place to sustain your business if you decide to work less.

... However, what you'll discover in the next minutes of the recording will make success almost inevitable - and you're going to see yourself change by tomorrow, as mentioned in my guarantee.

Here's what you're going to discover...

About that last item...

I'd like to expand on that.

You see, for most people setting their next goal is a huge undertaking that entails figuring out what they want to do with their lives (just like most personal development books teach - "you should be clear about what you want to achieve").

While, in fact, it's WAY simpler than that. Billionaires know that - and most successful entrepreneurs do that at least instinctively. So listen closely where Alex discusses this part, because you're going to get step by step instructions how to avoid this mistake and what to do instead...

Plus, you're going to discover...

The most important takeaway...

While all those insights and more you're getting from the product are life-changing and important, the most important is this.

If you have a system that makes life harder for you... you're going to defeat the system.

Which is why every system you install in your life MUST be as invisible as possible and deliver results without direct input from you.

Which makes Go Big the perfect success system - because, as I already mentioned, all you need to do is listen to it to get results... and if you feel motivated and want to take action, know that you're going to get insane rewards for every little bit of effort you're going to put in.

Criminally Underpriced?

As I already mentioned, businesses and entrepreneurs pay Alex and his team $50,000 to come in and install these exact insights you're about to get for much, much less.

At $99.95, this is severely - almost criminally - underpriced.

I wouldn't do this without a very good reason. And the reason is this...

I plan on doing a lot more with Alex, doing deeper dives, focus on specific areas with individuals in the future, and so on.

But for now... I just want to do the introduction, so you're getting a massive discount on some of the greatest information you'll ever receive - simply as a way for us to start building upon the same foundation, and start speaking the same language here so we can make changes and create more success quicker than possible.

That's my mission, that's Alex's mission, and we want to help you so that way it can become your mission as well.

My Guarantee

As I already mentioned, it is my absolute, utter conviction that simply by listening to this you'll automatically benefit. If you take action - even better. You'll reap insane, massive rewards for every little bit of effort you put in.

However, let's just assume you just listen to this life-changing material. If you don't immediately start seeing profound behavioral change, I want you to demand your money back.

Alternatively, mark the calendar 30 days from now. Listen to the material several times during that time. If there's no change in your life, if you don't feel you're much closer to your goals in 30 days from today when you're making an investment, demand your money back.

As you can see, all the risk is on me.

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